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Activities for your Emotions Unit

Emotion Charades:

Have children take turns acting out an emotion and have the other children guess what the emotion is. You could allow the children to choose the emotion themselves based on what you have learned, you could whisper the emotion they are to act out to them, or have them draw an emotion face out of a basket. Continue reading “Activities for your Emotions Unit”

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Books About Feelings

My girls loved our unit on feelings. I felt that this was a very important theme for us to cover before kindergarten. Not only does it help children understand some of their own feelings/emotions but it helps them to relate those same feelings to others and develop empathy.

The books we read covered a very wide range of feelings/emotions and they enjoyed seeing many different types of feelings conveyed by the characters. Below are twenty books recommended for this topic, along with a quick review of each to help you decide if it would work for your children. Continue reading “Books About Feelings”

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Hello Everyone,

We decided to start this website as a way to share what we’ve learned so far while raising our two girls. In particular we’d like to share our insights and the information we’ve collected on homeschooling preschoolers and the DIY projects we’ve completed around our house.¬†As the girls grow and we learn more we’d love to continue to share with you.

As a stay at home mother to a child with severe food allergies, when it came time for her to start preschool we decided that I would homeschool her to ensure her safety. We all had such a great experience that I am homeschooling our youngest (non-food allergy) daughter for preschool as well.

My husband and I both love doing DIY projects. I particularly love craft projects and my husband enjoys woodworking. We are looking forward to sharing with you the different projects we’ve completed and those that we are working on.

We hope you enjoy your time on our website. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to sharing our journey with you!